Bernd Neubig

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Bernd Neubig is the former Managing Director of AXTAL GmbH & Co. KG. He has over 50 years of experience in the design, development and manufacturing of crystals, crystal oscillators and related frequency control products. He is the co-author of "Das Grosse Quarzkochbuch," 1997, the German standard textbook on quartz crystal products. He was awarded the W.G.Cady Award of the IEEE Frequency Control Symposium in 2016 “as a successful researcher, educator, and entrepreneur, and the efforts in the international standardisation of piezoelectric devices."

Unleashing the Mystery of Crystal Cuts

Distinguished Guest Professor: Bernd Neubig, AXTAL Consulting When faced with quartz crystal data sheets or catalogs, you inevitably are confronted with the term “crystal cut.” What is this all about? This article will serve to clarify the significance of crystal cuts in the performance of crystal oscillators. In the most common applications quartz crystals are used as a core element to generate a stable frequency. Besides the stability over time (so-called aging), the frequency stability vs. temperature is a primary factor. Therefore, from the early beginning, researchers have looked on the parameters which determine frequency stability over temperature. Quartz crystals…